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For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Itranslator 99
   • New Build
   • Screenshots
   • Downloads

BETA Version compatible with Windows Vista & Windows 7:
Itranslator 99 Build
For more information see the online help file.

Last stable Version (not compatible with Windows Vista / 7):


Itranslator 99 Build

Changes in Build

  • au, aa, ai after - (dash) did not convert correctly in Devanagari. Corrected.
  • Read-only ITRANS files did not save and also no warning was given. Now, read-only files open as 'new file', forcing the user to save it under a new name.
  • {\m+} did not convert after preceding svarahs. Corrected.
  • Combined Conversion: Converting very long paragraphs considerably
    slowed down the system. This has been corrected.
  • Combined Conversion converts line-by-line, i.e. after every Devanagari line follows a Transliteration line. However, most Sanskrit texts consists of verses. To achieve this verse-by-verse conversion, insert a blank line after every verse.


Main Window


Insert Devanagari Character

Batch Conversion


Combined Conversion



Download and run Itranslator99.exe, then follow the instructions on the screen.
Note: Do not install Itranslator 99 in the same folder as previous versions of Itranslator. First uninstall the old version before installing Itranslator 99 Build


Itranslator 99 Downloads


Itranslator 99  (Build   -   2.59 MB   DLs since 7.10.2002:

True Type Fonts:
  Sanskrit 99
(Devanagari  -  126 KB)
URW Palladio IT
(Transliteration  -  173 KB)


Gudakesa 99 L.S.Tikhomirov has designed these two Devanagari fonts for Itranslator 99. They are available for download from Ulrich Stiehl's website at:
Santipur 99
(2 Devanagari Fonts - 103 KB)
Postscript Fonts:
  Sanskrit 99ps
(Devanagari  -  142 KB)
URW Palladio IT
(Transliteration  -  223 KB)
Macintosh Fonts for Itranslator 99 Files:
Ulrich Stiehl
made two Mac font versions of the "Sanskrit 99" font for users
of OS X 10.3 and for users of the previous "classic" OS:
For those who wish to use the alternative Devanagari Characters, as:
Ancient Sanskrit 99
(Devanagari True Type Font  -  84 KB)

Ulrich Stiehl has written a detailed 'Technical Manual of Itranslator 99', which includes a comparison Itranslator 99 and 2003. It can be downloaded from his website at: Also see the Addendum on his website,
which covers the changes made in Build

Old Downloads


Itranslator 98  (Build   -   1.33 MB   DLs since 7.10.2002:

True Type Fonts used by Itranslator 98:
  Sanskrit 98
(Devanagari  -  133 KB)
Translit 98
(Transliteration  -  219 KB)
Postscript Fonts used by Itranslator 98:
(Devanagari  -  139 KB)
URW PalladioIT
(Transliteration  -  187 KB)
For those who wish to use the alter-native Devanagari Characters, like:
Ancient Sanskrit 98
(Devanagari True Type Font  -  86 KB)
Users of previous versions of Itranslators can still download: 
  Sanskrit New & Sanskrit 1.2 Fonts
(Devanagari True Type Fonts  -  175 KB)
URW Palladio IT98 (Transliteration Font for Itranslator 98)

The old Itranslator 98 (replaced by the new Itranslator 99) should not be used any longer for creating new text files, but its old fonts are still required for viewing a large number of already existing Sanskrit texts encoded in Itranslator 98 fonts.
A new version of the old transliteration font in Palladio design was made in May 2004 by Ulrich Stiehl to enable mixing of already existing Itranslator 98 files with newly generated Itranslator 99 files. For this purpose, you must replace "Translit98" by "URW Palladio IT98". These fonts are available for download here:

URW Palladio IT98
(Transliteration True Type Font: 148 KB)

(Transliteration PostScript Font: 201 KB)



Itranslator is freeware in the truest sense. You do not have to register or authorize the program and it is 100% free of charge to anybody. With that in mind we encourage those who find it useful to consider making a donation if it is within their means. Donations are used for maintaining the Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas web site as well as for the philanthropic activities of the Ashram.

If you find Itranslator useful and would like to make a donation, you may do so on our Donation Page.

Thank you.



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